Twan Black

An Internet Marketer

My name is Twan Zwart, I am an Internet Marketer. I was born on the 26th December 1999, and I live in a small village named Sint Annaparochie in the Friesian countryside of the Netherlands.

During my years of internet marketing, I have started multiple businesses including Intensity Records, a music label, and DealLynx B.V, a community driven website that connects bargain hunters with hot deals. In my spare time, I love testing out new and innovative money-making methods.


Age: 18
Address: Sint Annaparochie, Friesland, The Netherlands
Email: to@twan.black
Skype: twanzwart


I can speak fluently in my native language of Dutch, and near-fluently in English. In addition, I am still building my skills speaking German and French.
Dutch, % 100
English, % 80



CEO, DealLynx

We are TheLynxCompany B.V., a company comprised of currently 10 people, operating from the Friesian countryside of the Netherlands. Our mission is to connect European bargain-hunters and savvy shoppers to the hottest current deals in both online stores and on the high street.


Order Collector, Smeding

Smeding Fruits and Vegetables is a service partner in potatoes, vegetables and fruit with nationwide coverage. Both, food retail and foodservice is Smeding's specialty. As fresh partner they deliver to all Sligro stores and supermarkets like EMTÉ, Spar and Marqt within the Dutch borders.


Internet Marketer

Internet marketing or online marketing is a form of marketing products and services over the internet. Online marketing includes online advertising, but also less direct forms of marketing, such as search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, content marketing, viral marketing and social media marketing. In recent years, advertising and marketing via the Internet has become the largest advertising market.


CEO, Intensity Records

Intensity Records is an international EDM label founded in 2015 by label bosses Zachary Matson and Twan Zwart. After two years we decided to stop with Intensity Records due to lack of interest from artists and time


Mail Deliverer, Bildtse Post

The Bildtse Post is a Dutch regional newspaper that appears every week on Wednesdays and distributed in northwest Friesland. It is an independent weekly newspaper which appears in two forms: ordinary (or extra) version for members and a simplified version for non-members (door to door). The paper is mainly focused on the town Bildt and the environment.






Marketing, Communication and Events

ROC Friese Poort, Leeuwarden

High School VMBO-T/MBO

Piter Jelles de Foorakker, Sint Annaparochie

Inspiring Quote

Life will only change when you become more committed to your dream than you are to your comfort zone

Tanguy Hubner

Inspiring Quote

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing

Mike Volpe

Inspiring Quote

If you are a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy

Jim Metcalf